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Entanglement in rollers


<G13> states "Don’t destroy other Robots. But, be prepared to encounter defense. Strategies aimed solely at the destruction, damage, tipping over, or Entanglement of opposing Robots are not part of the ethos of the VEX Robotics Competition and are not allowed"

Some teams this year use rubber bands on their "intake" which can get caught or entangled on other robots, such as on a screw. Both teams would have a case for why either the other team should be disqualified or why they should not be disqualified. If an intake with rubber bands on it is powered, should the team with the rubber bands be disqualified under normal circumstances? What would be the outcome of these scenarios:

Scenario 1: Blue 1 is attempting to elevate but while not protected, Red 1 comes and accidentally gets entangled with them due to their rubber band intake. Blue 1 ends up touching their elevation bar. Red won by 15.

Scenario 2: Blue 1 is less than a foot from their elevation bar. Red 1 gets entangled with Blue 1 as a result of their rubber band intake getting stuck on Blue 1. Red 2 elevates to an A tier. If Blue 1 was not entangled with, they would have been able to get a C tier hang. Blue lost by 22.