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Mid-Event Firmware releases

Alec Miller (Event Partner)


Given there are no exceptions to the rule requiring robots to be on the latest version of the firmware, how should events handle firmware releases mid-event?

For example, if teams have already been inspected, and matches are ongoing. A new version of the firmware was released as matches were being played but nobody in the venue was yet aware of it, but suddenly a team sees the forum thread. All robots who played matches between the release of the firmware and discovery of the update had illegal robots, correct? And if so, should they be retroactively DQd?

If not, I assume that all robots would then need to immediately be updated to the latest firmware. Since it is the responsibility of teams to show up to the field on time, should matches continue with teams sending representatives to 0v0 matches until the firmware update process is complete?

Answered by committee

In the case of a mid-event firmware update (which we do not anticipate happening again this season), Teams will only be required to run the latest firmware released prior to the start of that event. We anticipate that the rules regarding required firmware will be revised and made less restrictive for the 2024-2025 season.