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VEXos Version 1.1.3 for V5 issues

Dan Cieslak


Given reports, potentially unsubstantiated, of the firmware 1.1.3 that was released on 2/23/2024 just ahead of many Regional Qualifiers, is it possible to exempt use of this firmware for this weekend in order to give teams time to adjust, in particular, to potential changes in how current is directed to robots with 88 watts of motor power using more than 8 motors.

Answered by committee

Per clause B of rule <R14>,

Teams must use the latest official VEXos firmware updates, found at Custom firmware modifications are not permitted.

[Revised on 3/13 to reflect the answer for Q&A 1971] In the case of a mid-event firmware update (which we do not anticipate happening again this season), Teams will only be required to run the latest firmware released prior to the start of that event. We anticipate that the rules regarding required firmware will be revised and made less restrictive for the 2024-2025 season.