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Emergency Use of Replica Field Elements

Max Johnson (Event Partner)

This season, lots of events have resulted in the breaking of Field Elements around the barrier, specifically the "VRC Large Pipe Cap” (276-8354-103) & the "VRC Large Pipe Extender” (276-8354-104). In the case that a competition can’t get a replacement of these pieces, or backups when they break during competitions, does the Event Partner have the ability to use replacement elements? Assuming these elements match the dimensions and functionality of those elements shipped by Vex.

This also brings into question the hierarchy within tournament rules. Specifically if <T4> gives the EP discretion over <T11> in this case.

<T4> states that

The Event Partner has ultimate authority regarding all non-gameplay decisions during an event.

<T11> states that

Fields may be repaired at the Event Partner’s discretion. ... Examples of prohibited modifications include, but are not limited to: … unofficial/replica Field Elements

You can see potential replacements here:

Replacements in Use img img

Answered by committee

Replacing the VRC Large Pipe Cap and/or VRC Large Pipe Extender with functionally identical 3D printed replacements (e.g., from the models included in the linked post) is a permissible modification and a rare exception to the prohibition on unofficial/replica Field Elements in rule <T11>. We strongly recommend that black filiment be used whenever possible to create these replacement parts.