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SG9 - Contacting Triballs on opposite side of barrier


<SG9>Rule <SG9> States: That Triballs that began entirely on the opposing side cannot be touched by a robot during autonomous. This would imply that if a robot that pushes two Triballs over the barrier in autonomous and their teammates then touches them, this would count as a minor violation. However, This rule has not been enforced in many signature's events. Would it also be a larger violation to score the triball into a goal that your opponent or teammate pushed onto your robots side of the field?

Example of Autonomous Path: - Blue Alliance 98548J - Pushes one Triball over the Barrier 2131H - Touches the Triball on the last Push into the goal, but does not score it.

Note: <G15> (You can't force an opponent into a DQ) Doesn't apply as it is the same alliance.

Thanks for Clarification, 2131H

Answered by committee

Rule <SG9> is intended to refer to interactions in which a Robot reaches across the Neutral Zone or Barrier and directly contacts a Triball that began the Match entirely within another 'quadrant' of the field. Scenarios like the one you've described, in which one Robot 'delivers' legally-obtained Triballs across the Neutral Zone or Barrier for use by another Robot, are legal.