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Match Anomaly Log Publicity

Matthew Maylin

<T1> states referees should record violations on the Match Anomaly log. I am asking about the visibility of this anomaly log.

Which of the following would be legal / preferred at an event? The match anomaly log is:

  1. Kept completely private, only for referees and not to be shown to teams
  2. Only show violations from a team to the team members
  3. Only show violations from a team to the team members or their alliance partners' team members
  4. Kept completely public, for all teams to see to see all other teams' violations
Answered by committee

Given the often sensitive information included in Match Anomaly logs, they should not made available for Teams to view. Discussing and disclosing Violations awarded during the event (Violation counts, rule numbers, match numbers, etc.) with the Team that earned them is fine, but the logs themselves shouldn't be shared beyond the Head Referees and other field staff.