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2 hands one triball

Joe Haywood

<SG6><G9><SG3> and 1777

Would a drive team member using two hands to hold a single triball to match load be considered a violation of any of the rules listed, or be part of "the bad" from QA 1777? So long as only 1 triball is ever breaking the plane, it seems that there should not be a violation. Question makes the statement that G9 never says how many hands and I'd like the committee to speak to this. This is a big item for head referees at Middle school events where students have small hands and really need to be using two to hold a triball.

This seems to fall in the Good category of "Calm, consistent, clearly planned and practiced Drive Team Member in-match procedures".

Please make an official statement about this before State Championships, Invitationals, and Words start up in full swing.

Answered by committee

As long as the Head Referee feels that the Drive Team Member is utilizing "Calm, consistent, clearly planned and practiced Drive Team Member in-match procedures" and ensures that only a single Match Load Triball is breaking the plane of the field at any one time, it is legal for that Drive Team Member to use two hands to introduce Match Load Triballs.