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Seeking Clarification on Match Load Rules Interaction in Q&A #1777: Balancing Safety and Efficiency


In reference to Q&A #1777, particularly concerning the guidelines described in '3: The Bad,' I would like to seek clarification regarding the interaction of two rules. The first rule mentions that a robot design should avoid 'repeatedly reaching further than one field tile away from the Match Load Zone,' while the second emphasizes that 'Introducing Match Loads from the side of the field that is not coincident with the Alliance Station' is not permissible.

However, in practice, adhering strictly to the second rule appears to compel one of the two drive team members engaged in match loading to extend their reach beyond one field tile from their position at the Alliance Station. This seems to inadvertently conflict with the spirit of the first rule, which aims to ensure safe and reasonable reach distances during match loading. Could you please provide further guidance or clarification on how teams should best navigate this apparent conflict, in order to maintain both the safety and efficiency intended by these rules?


Answered by committee

Please see our answer to this similar question, particularly the following quote:

Generally speaking, Diagram C is the closest to our intent behind this comment. To be more blunt, this is intended to prohibit Robots who are designed to expand and place their Match Load mechanism 36" away from the Match Load Bar.

As quoted from your question and Q&A 1777, a robot design should avoid 'repeatedly reaching further than one field tile away from the Match Load Zone,' Teams whose Robot designs require a further reach are likely to be deemed unsafe by a Head Referee, and may require revision in order to introduce Match Loads safely.