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Are V5 Smart Motor Caps considered VEX Electronics


Rule <R8> point C states that

c. VEX electronics may not be used as non-functional decorations.

Rule <R14> point E states that

e. For the purposes of this rule, the V5 Smart Motor Cap is not considered “part of the motor.” Therefore, R15 applies.

Would motor caps be considered as a VEX electronic, or are they considered not "part of the motor" (and therefore not a VEX electronic). In other words, can motor caps be used as non-functional decorations?

Thank you!

Answered by committee

As stated in your post, R14 clarifies that V5 Smart Motor Caps are not considered "part of the motor", and are instead bound by rule R15, which refers to "non-electrical components".

For all intents and purposes, a V5 Smart Motor Cap is no different than any other plastic V5 component.