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G17, SG7 and plowing: use triball to affect other triballs


<G17> As image shows, when a robot is turning, a triball possessed by the robot helps prevent another triball from slipping to the outside, the question is:

  1. Is the triball possessed by the robot considered part of the robot.
  2. Is this specific example a violation of G17. img
Answered by committee

Please review the Q&A posts and answers referenced in Q&A 1807.

Specifically, the following quotes:

... when reviewing a face, mechanism, or interaction, it is much easier to prove that "yes, this is Plowing", and much harder to prove that "no, it's not Possession".

Remember that during a Match, a Head Referee won't be asking for a stable, isolated demonstration of a snapshot moment in time, such as the linked video. They will watch a Robot driving around the field, interacting with multiple Triballs, and make a judgment whether the Robot appeared to be Possessing any of them or simply Plowing through them.