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Triball contact under elevation bar in autonomous


We have recently competed at an event where the referees and Event Partner announced in the drivers meeting that the two Triballs under the elevation bar could not be contacted by the robots.

After the driver's meeting, we discussed with all event staff (refs and EP) regarding this ruling. Their reasoning was that because <SG9> states

"During the Autonomous Period, Robots may not contact foam tiles, Triballs, or Field Elements on the opposing Alliance’s side of the Neutral Zone, or in the opposite Offensive Zone from which they began the Match."

The staff concluded that the Triballs underneath the horizontal elevation bars are considered in both offensive zones, although scored as "neutral."

The EP called our region's EEM which led them to discuss and run the event allowing robots to contact the triball with their robot in the autonomous portion, although the EP later announced it is unclear and may be interpreted differently at other events.

What is the intended purpose of this ruling? Are robots allowed to contact this triball in the autonomous portion?

Answered by committee

Robots from either Alliance are permitted to contact the Triballs which begin the Match underneath the Elevation Bars. Rule SG9 has been updated in version 3.0 of the Game Manual to reflect this clarification.