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Possession Ruling


Stated in one of the notes proceeding the <SG7> rule says "Note: There are no rules prohibiting Plowing multiple Triballs. However, Robots which employ Plowing strategies should be cognizant of any accidental Possession risks while doing so, such as a Triball rolling into an intake mechanism while another one is already there."

Does this apply to when have horizontal extensions on your robot that act as a "plow", that help you push more triballs under the goal? Because, at a recent competition we went through inspection and were told it was within regulation; But we were very shortly after threatened with disqualification by the same inspector/referee stating that it counts as possession of multiple triballs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, best regards 48108C "Sailor Robotics"


Answered by committee

Expansions are not required to be convex, and concave expansions can and will pass inspection as long as they meet all Robot rules. Teams whose Robots have the ability to possess more than one Triball (e.g., concave expansions) are at risk of being penalized for this infraction, and should exercise extreme caution during Match play.