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Elevation Status of a Robot


I understand the definition of elevated, however we have run into some issues of being elevated but then falling off the bar while they calculate points. So, isn't the robot considered to be elevated if it is not moving and hanging at the end of the match? Or does the robot need to stay elevated the entire time that they calculate up the points. Any information and specific rules you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Answered by committee

Rule <SC1> states that "Scores are calculated once all Triballs, Field Elements, and Robots on the field come to rest".

If an action occurs after Robots, Triballs, and Field Elements have come to rest, then it is not considered part of the Match and should not impact scoring. If the Robot never comes to rest in the Elevated state before falling, then it will be scored where it comes to rest.

With that being said, in the context of the specific scenario described by this question, it will be difficult for a referee to determine where a Robot "used to be" if it falls before having a chance to be scored. A Team with this design would essentially be waiving any "benefit of the doubt", and should only expect to be scored at a height the Head Referee can confirm with certainty.

For example, if the only thing that they could confirm was that the Robot was a few inches above the horizontal Elevation Bar (i.e. somewhere between Tiers E and G), it would be within their purview to assume Tier E.