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What is an "easily visible" Robot Brain screen?



A portion of Rule <R25> states that all screens and/or lights must be easily visible by competition personnel to assist in diagnosing Robot problems.

Does the screen need to be fully visible without handling the Robot (e.g. moving or lifting the Robot) or repositioning items such as Smart Cables?

For example, a Robot's V5 Robot Brain screen is partially obscured when viewed directly behind the Robot. However, when viewed from an angle, the entire screen can be seen. See sample images.

Please clarify what constitutes a screen that is "easily visible".
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Answered by committee

We will not be able to provide an absolute or explicit list of requirements that satisfy the phrase "easily visible". Ultimately, this requirement is at the discretion of the inspector and Head Referee.

As quoted in your post, one intent of R25 is to allow competition personnel to assist in diagnosing Robot problems. One option for an "edge case" scenario, such as this example, would be to inform the Team that they are waiving any "benefit of the doubt" for assistance or consideration in the case that it is needed.