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Robot sizing

Howard Grey

I had something come up at the last event I was head ref at. A robot passed inspection was in compliance with the 18x18x18 size requirement. later during qualifying round the opposing alliance challenged the robots size. on field the robot was "snug" in the sizing tool. my decision was to let it compete but issues a warning to the team. The question is if a robot passes inspection but fails size at a later time should they be disqualified and not allowed to compete until it passes re-spection?

Answered by committee

This scenario is a combination of a few rules. The short answer is that they should not be allowed to compete until the sizing violation has been remedied. If the violation was caught prior to the start of a Match, it should not be considered a Disqualification. If the violation was caught immediately after a Match (i.e. before the Team had left the field), they should receive a Disqualification for that Match.

Per <G5>:

Violation Notes: Any Violation of this rule will result in the Robot being removed from the field prior to the start of the Match, and rules <R3d> and <T5> will apply until the situation is corrected.

Per clauses C, D, and E of <R3>:

c. Teams may be requested to submit to random spot inspections by Head Referees. Refusal to submit will result in Disqualification.

i. If a Robot is determined to be in Violation of a Robot rule before a Match begins, the Robot will be removed from the field. A Drive Team Member may remain at the field so that the Team does not get assessed a “no-show” (per <T5>)

d. Robots which have not passed inspection (i.e., that may be in Violation of one or more Robot rules) will not be permitted to play in any Matches until they have done so. <T5> will apply to any Matches that occur until the Robot has passed inspection.

e. If a Robot has passed inspection, but is later confirmed to be in Violation of a Robot rule during or immediately following a Match by a Head Referee, they will be Disqualified from that Match. This is the only Match that will be affected; any prior Matches that have already been completed will not be revisited. <R3d> will apply until the Violation is remedied and the Team is re-inspected.