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SG6 - single triball at a time with 2 alliance match load zones?

Eric Schnurr

As a follow up Q&A 1789:

Does the 1 triball limit apply only to a single match load zone (IE 1 corner)? Or does it apply to both alliance match load zones jointly (IE 2 corners)?

Thank you for your time and consideration. Eric Schnurr

Answered by committee

Q&A 1778, which first introduced the concept of a "one Triball at a time" rule, states the following (bolding added for emphasis):

Any interaction where two Triballs are being held past the plane of the field wall (at the same Match Load Zone)

Note 2 of <SG6> is only intended to refer to actions taken at the same Match Load Bar / Zone. Simultaneous Match Loading at two separate Match Load Zones is fine.