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SG8 Descoring while exiting the goal



SG8 states that "opposing Robots are allowed to “break the plane” of the Double-Zoning Alliance’s Goal, to descore Triballs." This question doesn't relate to entering the goal, instead actions while exiting the goal.

The timing of descoring a triball as the double zoned robot returns to the offensive side and the allowance ends. If a robot "broke the plane" while opposing team is double-zoned to descore triballs, at the point the opposing team comes back to the offensive side, what if a triball is descored as they are exiting the goal? How is this handled? Is the triball put back into the goal?

Thanks for clarification, my students are building with descoring in mind and have asked me this question, I could not find an answer on forums or Q&A. <SG8>

Answered by committee

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