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Transitive Triball contact while match loading

Matthew Maylin

While match loading, a team contacts a triball in the possession of their robot (let's call this triball P) with a triball that they are holding and attempting to match load (let's call this triball H). Considering <SG6>, <S1>, <G9>, and/or <G17>, which violations (if any) should the referee rule in the following situations:

  1. Triball P is currently being launched out of the robot by a mechanism and hits triball H. Triball H:

a) stays in the students hands

b) lands in the opposing alliances offensive zone

c) lands in the teams offensive zone

d) lands in the teams match load zone

e) leaves the students hand and goes out of the field

  1. Triball P is currently being launched out of the robot by a mechanism and hits triball H. Triball H falls into the field and the student instinctively or on purpose picks up the ball and uses it as the next matchload:

a) from the teams matchload zone

b) from the opposing alliances offensive zone

  1. Triball P is only briefly touched by triball H. Triball P remains possessed by the robot and:

a) does not move at all/significantly

b) moves within the robot i.e from the catapult to the intake

  1. Triball P is knocked off the robot with triball H so that it is no longer possessed

Also, should any of the triballs in the above scenarios be considered 'out of the field' and placed into the match load zone by the head referee?

Matthew and Kieran UK refs

Answered by committee

Please review Q&A 1778, specifically regarding the introduction of Match Loads one at a time.

If we are understanding correctly, these scenarios all imply that a Drive Team Member was introducing a second Match Load before the Robot had launched its first one. These are good examples of what could happen if the "one Triball at a time" rule is not followed. So, at a minimum, all scenarios would warrant a warning / Minor Violation of <SG6> Note 2.

Since these are now considered "improper Match Loads", this similar Q&A applies. If an event has the resources to do so, one application of this Q&A is to count the number of illegal Match Loads, and determine if this quantity could have a Match Affecting result.

With that being said, due to the safety implications of this particular form of illegal Match Loading (i.e., a Drive Team Member has literally been hit by a Match Load), a more rapid escalation may be appropriate at the Head Referee's discretion.