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How consider violations during Autonomous in regards to <SG8d>, <G12>, and <SG9>

Daniel Bragg


This issue came up several times during a recent event in our region. During Autonomous, Blue 1 scores their alliance triball into the red goal, however they break the plane of the goal while scoring, thus violating SG8d.

<SG8d> states that:

Entering an opponent’s Goal is not permitted at any time during the Autonomous Period.

The red alliance does not score any points during the autonomous period, meaning that the illegally scored triball would affect the outcome of autonomous, which would be a violation of G12 as clarified in Q&A #1694.

Q&A #1694 states that:

If their score is 1-5 points higher than their opponent's, the infraction has affected the outcome of the Autonomous Period and the Autonomous Bonus should be awarded to their opponent as described in rule G12.

<G12> states that:

Any Violations committed during the Autonomous Period that affect the outcome of the Autonomous Bonus—whether they are Match Affecting or not—will result in the Autonomous Bonus being automatically awarded to the opposing Alliance.

Also during autonomous, Red 1 crosses the autonomous line, which is a violation of SG9

<SG9> states that:

During the Autonomous Period, Robots may not contact foam tiles, Triballs, or Field Elements on the opposing Alliance’s side of the Neutral Zone, or in the opposite Offensive Zone from which they began the Match.

In the violation notes, it states that

All Violations of this rule (Major or Minor) will result in the Autonomous Bonus being awarded to the opposing Alliance.

The Question is:

In this scenario, who would be awarded the autonomous bonus? Would the blue alliance be awarded the bonus due to the red alliance's violation of SG9? Would the red alliance be awarded the autonomous bouns due to the blue alliance's violations of SG8d and G12? Or, would there be no autonomous bonus awared due to the violation of SG8d and G12 by the blue alliance and the violation of SG9 by the red alliance?

If the answer to the above question is that no autonomous bounus is award to either alliance, would the same logic be able to be applied to other scenarios where the blue alliance violates SG8d and G12 and the red alliance violates some other rule that would award the autonomous bonus to the blue alliance?

Thank you for your time.

Answered by committee

The remainder of rule G12 states the following:

If both Alliances commit Violations during the Autonomous Period that would have affected the outcome of the Autonomous Bonus, then no Autonomous Bonus will be awarded.