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<SG3> Triballs exiting the field and drive team interactions

Spencer Vaughan (Event Partner)


At our qualifying event this weekend we had a robot that was shooting triballs outside of the field on the side of the driver station. We had teams notice when triballs were going to exit the field and would intentionally stand infront of the trajectory so that they would get hit, and rather than exit the field and be introduced into the match load zone, rebound off of them and fall into their offensive zone.

How would this be ruled?

Cheers, Southern Hemi-Spencer

Answered by committee

The action you've described, in which a Drive Team Member intentionally intercepts a Triball that has left the field during a Match, is a direct Violation of rule <G9>, which states:

Drive Team Members are prohibited from making intentional contact with any Triballs, Field Elements, or Robots during a Match, apart from the contact specified in <G9a>.

If the Violation is determined to be Match Affecting by the Head Referee, or is a repeated Violation, it will result in a DQ for the Drive Team Member's Team.