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How to consider G14 and G15 when determining a potential SG11 violations

Nathan Schmitz

Hello, At a recent tournament we encountered a situation where there was a robot that disconnected and was unable to move, but happened to be in front of the opposing elevation bars. We determined that going into the 30 second mark the robot was not in violation of <SG11> until an opposing robot attempting to elevate pushed them into the elevation bar. The disconnected robot was then preventing them from elevating. We interpreted that because they were pushed into the elevation bar, they would not be penalized as per <G15>. We considered that in Tipping point there was an explicit phrase that said the offensive robot gets the benefit of the doubt supersedes you cannot force an opponent into a penalty, this year that clause is absent so we determined that <G14> does not supersede G15. Is this the correct interpretation.

If this is the correct interpretation, if a robot were intentionally try to block an opponent's access to their elevation bars, would they be afforded the same protections against being forced into an SG11 violation.

Answered by committee

Your interpretation is correct. As described in rule <G15>, a Robot cannot be forced into a penalty for a Violation of <SG11>.

We believe our response to Q&A 1725 addresses your follow-up question, regarding a Robot that blocks an opponent's access to their Elevation Bars without violating rule <SG11>.