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SC7a triball removal clarification


Suppose that robot Red1 in figure 21 is able to successfully remove a triball from the match load zone, but in the process moving, accidentally hits the triball such that it lands back in the same match load zone. Would this still count as successfully completing SC7a?

Answered by committee

If the Triball falls back into the Match Load Zone, or is otherwise returned to the Match Load Zone by the Robot that removes it, it will not count as having completed the condition of clause A of <SC7>.

As stated in rule <SC7> and bolded for emphasis,

An Autonomous Win Point is awarded to any Alliance that has completed the following tasks at the end of the Autonomous Period...

Much like evaluation of Scoring statuses at the end of the Match (see rule <SC1>), the outcomes of the Autonomous Period (including AWPs) can only be determined when Triballs, Field Elements, and Robots have come to rest.