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Double Zoning and Entering the Opposing Alliance's Goal during Skills Challenge

Tina Ngo (Event Partner)

Hello, There are several skills routes where the robot pushes the red triball into the blue goal. While pushing the red triball into the blue goal, a part of their robot also enters the blue goal. As there are no opposing robots to create a situation of double zoning, are teams allowed to go under the blue goal, as <RSC1> states that all normal match rules apply which would include <SG8> If they do go under the blue goal to push in a red triball, is this score affecting which results in a 0 for the skill run?

Answered by committee

Thank you for your question! Because there is no an opponent in a skills Match, rule <SG8> does not apply in Driving Skills Matches or Autonomous Coding Skills Matches. Robots are free to break the plane of either Goal at any time in skills Matches. This will be reflected in an upcoming game manual update.