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Elevation on the Long Barrier?

James Reilly (Event Partner)

<SC6> More the definition of Elevation to score SC6 than SC6 itself

During different tournaments, I have encountered different head refs interpretting the definition of elevation differently, including the league I am hosting. The specific portion is whether elevtion on the long barrier without touching the color elevation bars is sufficient.

Part 1 of the Question: The definition in the manual (including latest updates is:

Elevated – A Robot status. A Robot is considered Elevated at the end of the Match if it meets the follow- ing criteria:

  1. The Robot is contacting at least one of the following: a. One or more of their Alliance’s Elevation Bars b. Any portion of the Barrier that is on their Alliance’s side of the Neutral Zone (i.e., the three black PVC pipes that are attached directly to their Alliance’s Elevation Bars). c. An Alliance partner Robot which meets the requirements of points 1-3 in this definition
  2. The Robot is not contacting any Field Elements other than those listed in point 1. This includes gray field tiles, the field perimeter, Goals, the opposing Alliance’s Elevation Bar, etc. a. Contact with (or Possession of) Triballs is irrelevant when determining a Robot’s Elevated status.
  3. The Robot is not contacting the yellow Elevation Bar Cap.
  4. The Robot is not contacting an Alliance partner Robot that is not considered Elevated.

The two interpretations I have recieved are:

  • A. If robot is sitting on the long barrier and touching one of the short barriers (on their Alliance's side of the neutral zone), they are only considered Elevated if they are also touching one of the color elevation bars.

  • B. As long as the robot is on alliance's side of neutral zone they can use the the color elevation bars, the black long or short barriers to elevate as long as all other parts of the definition are satisfied. The don't have to be touching the alliance color elevation bar.

The way I read point 1. b. in the definition, "Any portion of the Barrier that is on the Alliance's side of the Neutral Zone. (i.e., the 3 black PVC pipes that are attached directly to their Alliance's Elevation Bars), interpretation B is the correct interpretation because the robot is on the Alliance's side of the neutral zone and satisfies all other points.

Can you confirm if I am correct or not? Appreciate a response prior to our next league event in 12 days.

Part 2 of the Question: The other part which does not appear to be as clear If I am reading the manual correctly, is the robot protected once elevated on the long bar side of the elevation bars? And are they protected while attempting to elevate on the long barrier? My read says other robots can still bump the long barrier but can they bump the robot attempting to elevate or already elevated on the long barrier?

Answered by committee

Your interpretation in Part 1 of your question is correct. A Robot that is sitting on the long Barrier on their side of the Neutral Zone can be considered as Elevated if it meets all the criteria in the definition of Elevated.

For Part 2, per clause C of rule <SG11>, a Robot that is attempting to Elevate on the long Barrier and that is not in contact with its Elevation Bars would be protected only once it meets the definition of Elevated. Once it is Elevated, opposing Robots may not contact it directly. There are no rules against bumping the long Barrier, at any time during the Match.