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Win Point Match Load Condition A



For Condition A in SC7 for the conditions of the Autonomous Win Point, it states "Removed the Triball from the Alliance’s Match Load Zone that coincides with their Starting Tiles. For example, in Figure 21, the red Alliance must remove the Triball that begins in the bottom-left Match Load Zone, adjacent to Robot 1’s Starting Tiles." Does the robot have to physically remove the triball from the loading area on its own or can the robot touch the match load pole and a drive team member load the match load on the robot and still meet condition A? We are a little confused by this because we know that Autonomous means no humans. Thank you, have a great weekend!

Answered by committee

Per rule <G9>, Drive Team Members are not allowed to reach into the field during the Match to contact the Triballs that begin the Match on the field, including the Triballs that begin the Match inside the Match Load Zones. A Robot must physically remove the Triball from the Match Load Zone on its own to meet the conditions of rule <SC7>.