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Possession | Scoring Multiple Triballs While Possessing One


Hi, From Rule<SG7>, it states that “Robots are free to incidentally drive through Triballs on the field while Possessing a Triball. ” Furthermore, from the Game-Specific Definitions, “pushing/plowing Triballs is not considered Possession. ”

Linking back to our question, we have two scenarios that question the extent of these rules.

Scenario 1 ( ): Demonstrated above, multiple triballs are originally in front but not within the Goal, and our robot, possessing one triball with our intake, pushes them in. Would this be considered both possessing and scoring multiple triballs at the same time?

Scenario 2 ( ): In the video, multiple triballs are shown in the red offensive zone under the red elevation bar. Furthermore, our robot (blue team) possessing one triball with our intake, plows through the triballs to our own blue zone. In doing so, the triballs originally in the red offensive zone would be in the blue scoring zone instead. Would this be considered an illegal act of possessing multiple triballs whilst scoring?

Thank you for your time.

Answered by committee

The October 3rd Game Manual update included revisions to the definitions of Possession and Plowing, as well as rule <SG7>, that we hope help to answer this question.

If the face on the front of the Robot in the linked videos is flat, which it appears to be from this angle, then this would likely be considered Possessing 1 Triball, and Plowing 2 or more Triballs. There are no rules prohibiting this.

Rule <SG7> only refers to Possessing more than one Triball at a time, regardless of what is being done with them (scoring, moving around the field, etc).