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Correct Elevation Bar Location For Portable Field Setup

Jonathan Roberts (Event Partner)

Game Manual Version 0.2 Released June 13, 2023 shows the portable field as being setup with the Blue Elevation Bar connected to 0° location which is on wall segment 11~12 on pages A5, A6, & A7.


Step 101 of the digital online portable field setup instructions depicts the Red Elevation Bar as being attached to wall segment 5~ 6 while the Blue Elevation Bar is attached to wall segment 11~12

img img

The VRC Over Under | Field Tour | VEX Robotics video at 8:33 states that the Blue Elevation Bar should be connected to wall segment 5~6 which is labeled as 180°


Based on the above information is the correct Blue Elevation Bar location Wall Segment 11~12 (0° location) as stated in the Game Manual and Online Build Instruction? If so, can a note be added to the Field Tour YouTube video to note the proper location so that teams using the GPS sensor do not run into issues with their programming.


Answered by committee

Thank you for your question! The blue Elevation Bar should be positioned at the 0° location of the portable field perimeter as correctly stated in the game manual and the online build instructions. We will work with the video production team to address this error in the Over Under Field Tour video.

As always, please remember the following note from page 5 of the Game Manual, which is also mentioned in the video:

If there are any conflicts between the Game Manual and other supplemental materials (e.g., Referee Certification courses, the VRC Hub app, etc.), the most current version of the Game Manual takes precedence.