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Forcing your opponent into Double-Zoned status

Doug Hepfer (Event Partner)


In this year's game, the rules allow a robot to enter an opponents goal if the opponents' robots are Double-Zoned. Rule G15 says you can't force your opponent into a penalty situation, but it does not penalize forcing your opponents into the alliance status of Double-Zoned.

In playing the game this week, multiple teams have adopted a strategy of pushing an opponents second robot into their Offensive Zone late in the game, forcing the opposing alliance into a Double-Zoned status. Then their partner zooms in and clears the opponents' goal.

Please clarify that rule G15, nor any other rule, prohibits a alliance from forcing their opponents into a Double-Zoned Status.

Answered by committee

You are correct. No rules prohibit an Alliance from forcing an opponent into a Double-Zoned status, assuming no other rules are violated in the process.