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Clarification on SC7


The current wording of <SC7> states that the four autonomous objectives by “at the end of the autonomous period”. This implies that these objectives, specifically emptying the match loader, can be undone before the end of the autonomous period. The only potential rule violation would be <SG9> through <G17>, however, the tribal isn’t interfering with the opponents autonomous play. Provided below is an example match; BLUE1 empties the match loader, and BLUE2 pushes their alliance tribal into the blue alliance goal, before contacting the elevation bar. RED2 scores 5 triballs in the alliance goal, while RED1 waits until the final 3 seconds before shooting a tribal into the blue match loader closest to the blue alliance's starting location. Does Blue receives an autonomous winpoint? Red receive three autonomous bonus? Red1 receives a violation? Thank you for your time, 334V

Answered by committee

Thank you for your question! Clause A of rule <SC7> specifies that an Alliance must remove "the Triball from the Alliance's Match Load Zone that coincides with their Starting Tiles", among other tasks. If an opponent Robot--either accidentally or intentionally--causes a different Triball to end the Match in that Match Load Zone as described in your scenario, it will not negate the Alliance's progress toward the Autonomous Win Point and the Alliance may still be considered to have removed the starting Triball.

In your scenario, the blue Alliance should receive an AWP, the red Alliance should receive the Autonomous Bonus, and RED1 should receive a Minor Violation of <SG9>.

These clarifications will be reflected in the June 27 game manual update.