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Actions after Skills Stop Time Signal

Dale Nacianceno

At events which do not have a V5 Robot Brain or the TM Mobile App available for Robot Skills Challenge field control, Drive Team Members and field staff must agree prior to the Match on the signal that will be used to end the Match early. • As noted in the definition of Skills Stop Time, the moment when the Match ends early is defined as the moment when the Robot is “disabled” by the field control system. • The agreed-upon signal must be both verbal and visual, such as Drive Team Members crossing their arms in an “X” or placing their V5 Controller(s) on the ground. • The signal must be given by a Drive Team Member who is standing in the Alliance Station. • It is recommended that Drive Team Members also provide verbal notice that they are approaching their Skills Stop Time, such as by counting out “3-2-1-stop.”

Are actions that take place in the short time period between the agreed-upon signal and the field being disabled subject to Minor and/or Major Violations if rules are broken?

Answered by committee

It is impossible to provide a blanket answer beyond what is written in the Game Manual that encompasses all possible hypothetical events. If you have a more specific question, please feel free to rephrase and resubmit.