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<T5> Restrictions on Late Arrival for a Match

Dale Nacianceno

<T5> A Team’s Robot and/or Drive Team Member should attend every Match. A Robot or a Student member of the Team must report to the field for the Team’s assigned Match, even if the Robot is not functional. If no Student Drive Team Members report to the field, the Team will be considered a “no-show” and receive zero (0) WP’s, AP’s, and SP’s.

  1. If a Team arrives 10 seconds after a Match starts, will they be considered a "no-show"?
  2. If a Team arrives 15 seconds before a Match ends, will they be considered a "no-show"?
  3. If a Team arrives while Scorekeeper Referees are scoring, will they be considered a "no-show"?
  4. If a Team arrives while the Field is being reset, will they be considered a "no-show"?
Answered by committee

Thank you for your questions. It is impossible to issue a blanket answer beyond what is written in the Game Manual that encompasses all possible hypothetical scenarios. However, in the absence of any other case-by-case context or extenuating circumstances, the answer to all of your questions is "yes, all of these are no-shows."

The intent of rule <T5> is to provide coverage for situations where a Team knows that their Robot won't be functional before their scheduled Match, or shows up to the Match with an issue that cannot be rectified before the scheduled start time. Not receiving a "no-show" is an acknowledgment that the Team still made it to the field on time and did not delay the event.

<T5> is not intended to be an allowance for a team showing up late to their scheduled match.