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SC3; SC4: Are triballs legally scored in the goal also scored as being in the offensive zone


The way the manual is currently written has a ball legally scored in the goal also legally scored in the offensive zone. This appearst to mean each triball legally in the goal is worth 7 points, 5 for the goal and 2 for the offensive zone..

From the definitions of goal and offensive zone:

Goal – The Alliance-colored, netted structure on either side of the field, one red and one blue, into which Triballs can be scored for points. As a Field Element, the term “Goal” refers to the net and all supporting structures / hardware (e.g. PVC pipes and plastic bases). For the purposes of scoring, the “Goal” refers specifically to the three-dimensional volume bounded by a vertical projection of the outermost PVC pipes onto the field and below the surface of the net.

Offensive Zone – One of two halves of the field, divided by the Barrier. See Figure 20. • Each Alliance has an Offensive Zone. An Alliance’s Offensive Zone is on the side furthest from their Alliance Station and closest to that Alliance’s colored Goal. • Each Offensive Zone consists of the gray foam tiles on one side of the Barrier. It is not a 3-dimensional volume. • The Long Barrier is not considered to be in either Offensive Zone. • The Match Load Zones are not considered to be part of either Offensive Zone.

There is a list of areas explicitly excluded from the definition of offensive zone, but the goal tiles are not among that list and the accompanying image shows the tiles under the goal to be colored as part of the offensive zones. Now the scoring rules:

SC3 A Triball is considered Scored in a Goal if it meets the following criteria: a. The Triball is not contacting a Robot of the same color Alliance as the Goal. b. At least two (2) corners of the Triball are within the Goal (i.e., are under the Net and have “broken the plane” of the outer edge of the PVC pipes that define the Goal volume).

SC4 A Triball is considered Scored in an Offensive Zone if it meets the following criteria: a. The Triball is not contacting a Robot of the same color Alliance as the Offensive Zone. b. The Triball is contacting the gray foam tiles within the Offensive Zone. Note: Offensive Zone scoring is based on contact with the gray foam tiles in each Offensive Zone. In the case of any close calls, referees may use a “paper test” (i.e. gently slide a piece of paper under the Triball) to determine which Offensive Zone it should be scored in. If the Triball is contacting both Offensive Zones, then it is not considered Scored in either Zone. See Figure 23.

Finally, I don’t see anything in any of the other scoring rules that the triball must be exclusively scored as either in goal or in the offensive zone, therefore a triball legally scored in the goal is 7 points, not just five.

Is this the correct interpretation?

Answered by committee

Thank you for your question! The next version of the game manual will clarify that a Triball that is considered Scored in a Goal is not also considered Scored in that Goal's Offensive Zone.