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U channel and C channel in VUR4 and VUR5 (follow up to Q&A 1593)

Jacob Church

As a followup to Q&A 1593 ( Further extents to the ruling could be asked in regards to U channel and C channel.

Should U channel and C channel which can be made as a modification to square hollow section and rectangular hollow section be allowed within the raw stock options. If not what documentation is sufficient to prove that U channel and C channel was created from legal raw stock e.g hollow tube.


Answered by committee

Yes, simple U- and C-channel are permitted profiles. We will be sure to include this in an upcoming Game Manual update.

As these profiles are a bit more vaguely defined than most of the others listed in VUR4, a reasonable amount of "common sense" should be applied. In this case (as with Angle), the intent is to permit Raw Stock with profiles that are similar to standard V5 / VEXpro structure, with the only differences being primarily material or overall size.

Exotic profiles which are "technically a C-channel", such as the following, would not be permitted.