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Legal Substitutes for discontinued pneumatics parts

Oscar McCullough (Event Partner)

I am currently referencing the Legal Pneumatics part index for this season:

For the connectors to the cylinders, I see two part numbers here: KJL04-M3 and KJS04-M3. When viewing both SMC product pages for these products, both say they are discontinued: and

They mention these replacement products: and, the latter of which is already a legal product.

As such, would it be legal to use the other replacement product, KQ2L04-M3G?

Similarly, as those are the replacement products for use with the solenoid valves, would the use of elbow connectors also be legal for use with the pneumatic cylinders, such as KQ2L04-M5A?

Answered by committee

Thank you for your question. Regarding the potential replacements you suggested for discontinued parts:

  • KQ2S04-M3G is a legal substitute for KJS04-M3
  • KQ2L04-M3G is a legal substitute for KJL04-M3
  • The use of KQ2LO4-M5A would not be legal, as it adds functionality not provided by the discontinued parts