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T23 Mixed Field Types

Pete Niemann (Event Partner)


<T23> There are two types of Field Perimeter that may be used:

  1. VEX Metal Competition Field Perimeter (SKU 278-1501)
  2. VEX Portable Competition Field Perimeter (SKU 276-8242) See Appendix A for more details. If an event has multiple fields, then all fields of the same game type must use the same Field Perimeter type, in accordance with <T21> and <RSC6>. For example, it would be permissible for Head-to-Head competition fields to use metal Field Perimeters, and for Skills Challenge fields to use Portable Field Perimeters. However, it would not be permissible for one Head-to-Head field to use a metal Field Perimeter, while other Head-to-Head fields use Portable Field Perimeters.

At our next event we are running two Metal fields for head-to-head matches, and two Portable field for skills. During breaks we would like to allow the Metal qualification fields to be used for skills at a team's discretion - all four fields would be available to give skills more capacity.

Would this be an allowable exception?

Answered by committee

As noted in <RSC6>, all Skills Challenge fields at a single event must use the same type of field control and field perimeter.

In order to use non-conforming Head-to-Head fields for Skills Challenge runs (e.g., during lunch), the following steps should be taken:

  • Teams must be informed that the Head-to-Head Fields may have some differences from the Skills Challenge Fields (e.g., they might not have the GPS strips)

  • Teams must be given an option to select which type of Field they want to use, i.e. they cannot be required to use the Head-to-Head Field for any Skills Challenge run