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Colored Rubber Bands

Jason Price (Event Partner)

Teams are using rubber band intakes on their robot utilizing colored rubber bands, like blue and red. They are legal size and follow rule: R7. h. Rubber bands that are identical in length and thickness to those included in the VEX V5 product line (#32, #64 and 117B).

However, they can interfere with the vision sensor of robots. They are using large gears and are similar to the size of the Rollers (Field elements- 2in diameter or larger). This would mean that their intake roller is similar to the Roller and would violate: R12. d. Decorations that visually mimic Field Elements, or could otherwise interfere with an opponent’s Vision Sensor, are considered functional and are not permitted.

The argument is that the rubber bands on the rollers are "functional" parts of the robot and are not considered decoration so R12 would not apply because it does not fall under the ruling of decoration. The team also argued that they past inspection and the Head Referee did not comment on the "violation" until reported several matches in the tournament. It is clearly stated that R12. d. part b The Inspector and Head Referee will make the final decision on whether a given decoration or mechanism violates this rule.

The Head Referee can rule anytime regardless of the timing of reported violation and their decision is final.

Is this a violation of R12?

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Answered by committee

Teams are using rubber band intakes on their robot utilizing colored rubber bands, like blue and red. ... Is this a violation of R12?

Thank you for your question. Rule <R7h> limits the length and thickness of rubber bands that may be used on a VRC Robot, but does not require or disallow any color or colors of rubber band. Because a rubber band intake is a standard functional VRC mechanism, rule <R12> does not apply.