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Roller position at the start of skills matches


I seek clarification on what the starting position of the rollers should be for robot skills matches as I am getting conflicting answers which could not be resolved by a careful read of the manual or several search attempts on the forum.

From version 2.2 of the Spin Up manual we have the following excerpt: img

The text says "is set up almost exactly the same as a Head-to-Head VEX Robotics Competition Spin Up Match, with the following modifications" and only lists two modifications, neither of which has to do with the rollers (the first is about GPS code strip and the second about preloads).

Yet the image shows the rollers in what appears to be a blue-facing-up position which is not how they start in a Head-to-Head match.

My inclination is to go with the diagram (blue facing up) because the rollers need to be scored for red in order to count. Yet we know the danger of assuming, especially when so much care has been put into clarifying other details in the manual.

Answered by committee

Thank you for your question, and for pointing out this omission! You are correct; in a Spin Up Driver Skills Match or Programming Skills Match, all rollers start with the blue side up as shown in the image on page B-1 of the Spin Up Game Manual.

This will be included in the next Game Manual update.