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<G7> Clarifications


G7 states that drive team members are prohibited from

Standing on any sort of object during a Match, regardless of whether the field is on the floor or elevated.

Would kneeling on a pillow while on drive team be considered in violation of this rule?

Answered by committee

Thank you for your question! If a Drive Team Member needs to sit (e.g., in a wheelchair) or kneel (e.g., on a knee walker) in the Alliance Station for a medical reason, this should be allowed as determined by the Event Partner. We recommend that any Drive Team Member who sits or kneels field-side for a medical reason consider the range of Spin Up Endgame expansion mechanisms, and leave a larger-than-standard gap between themselves and the Field Perimeter for their own safety.

Sitting, standing, or kneeling on pillows, cushions, chairs, stools, or other supports for non-medical reasons is not allowed. Drive Team Members must be able to react and move quickly for safety during the Match, and outside supports in the Alliance Station create unnecessary obstacles for other Drive Team Members and event personnel.