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Does rule <G6> apply to Scrimmage?


Hello GDC: In the rule <G6>, it is stipulated that players who play certain roles must meet some special conditions to switch teams. The assignment of players' work is mainly based on engineering notes.

However, on Scrimmage for practice purposes, players are not registered before the competition, and there is no need to submit engineering notes on the day of the competition, so does this rule still apply?

Is it a violation of <G6> or <G2> if a player attends the Scrimmage temporarily with another team because they want to increase their practice opportunities?

Answered by committee

Thank you for your question. Unofficial scrimmages and practices are not required to follow the rules in the Spin Up Game Manual, and <G6> does not apply.

Because all aspects of the VEX Robotics Competition should be student-centered, Teams should follow rule <G2> during all activities—whether the Team is at official events or unofficial practices/scrimmages.