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Does 1/10" wide restriction apply to 11" long zip ties?


Rule <R7>j states that "Zip ties that are identical in length and thickness to those included in the VEX V5 product line (1/10” Wide; 4” or 11” long).

The zip ties on the VEX Robotics products page ( state that the 4" long zip ties (276-1032) are 1/10" wide while the 11" long zip ties do no list a width. Upon ordering the VEX branded (275-0125) 11" zip ties, they were found to measure 3/16" wide. Also, image of the 11" long zip tie shown on the VEX robotics products page appears to be greater than 1/10" wide.

Does the 1/10" width restriction apply to VEX branded 11" long zip ties? If not, is the correct width 3/16".

Answered by committee

Thank you for your question! The VEX Robotics product listings for zip ties have been updated to remove the width measurement, which varies slightly over time based on supplier. The next update to the Spin Up Game Manual will reflect this change.