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Use of Field Straps

Pete Niemann (Event Partner)

Would it be legal to use a similar version of the hook & loop (Velcro) straps, included with the portable field, on the steel competition perimeter? They are used on the portable fields to keep the side walls from bowing and I think I can implement something similar, under the field tiles, to keep the steel walls from bowing too.

Answered by committee

In general, supporting structures outside of the field perimeter wall are not governed or prohibited by T24, provided that they do not impact gameplay in any way.

However, this typically refers to things like risers, lighting trusses, cameras / monitors, etc. Based on the description provided, we cannot provide a more definitive response that would apply to all hypothetical variations of a field strap attachment system. If you would like to rephrase and re-submit with more details or a specific photo of the proposed system, we would be happy to clarify further.