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Using additional Smart Motor Caps on a robot

Nathan Nolte (Event Partner)

<R19> restricts any one robot to having up to 8 VEX Smart Motors. The V5 Smart Motor Cap V5 (276-6780) is a legal part for competition, but by itself it would not be considered a motor, as it does not have any of the actual motor components or electronics. Is it allowable for a team to mount additional V5 Smart Motor Caps on their robot without a motor attached so that they can more easily reconfigure their robot for different setups (such as for skills vs. matches)? In essence the V5 Smart Motor Cap would be serving as a motor mount. It is understood that any configuration that would be used needs to be fully inspected and that additional scrutiny of the robot and team would be expected throughout the event to ensure that they do not ever exceed the maximum motor allotment.

Answered by committee

Yes, this is legal.