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Ring Preload Starting Position Touching Mobile Goal

Jonathan Roberts (Event Partner)

The attached image, taken from a recent event, shows a robot that is using a mobile goal as leverage to hold up a Preload ring at the start of a match while in contact with the same ring. img

SG1 iii. states

All Preloads must not be in any positions that would be considered Scored if the Robot were not present.

Scoring Figure 1 on page 18 of ver 2.4 of the game manual shows the following images and makes mention the ring touching the goal would be scored if it is not in contact with a robot. img

Based on these two items, would this be considered an illegal starting position?

Answered by committee

As you have noted, the Ring in the attached image would not be considered Scored, because it is contacting a Robot. If the Robot were not present (i.e. were to instantly "vanish"), the Ring would still not be in a Scored state.

Therefore, yes, this would be considered a legal starting position.