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World Skills Standings Calculation

Kristen Berube (Event Partner)
2 weeks ago

I would like to ask for clarification on the topic of how world skills standings are calculated. It is clear that in RobotEvents a team's final score is a combination of driver and programming scores from the same competition. However, in Page 6 of the Skills appendix, that metric is only listed as the first "tiebreaker" and not as the initial ordering of scores. If this is the case, can one not assume that the initial ordering may be based on another score (such as the highest programming and driver from any event) and then the tiebreaker is if someone scored those both at the same competition.

My team wishes for this to be reworded in future publications of the Skills Appendix if scores from the same competition are to be your primary order and not, as it says, the first "tie-breaker". It would have had a large impact on our season if we had known. Thank you.