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Remote Skills Scoring

1 month ago

Previously asked in Q&A for clarifications on if a ball is considered scored if that ball is touching a robot. This question is when scoring in a Live Remote Skills - Only event, would a ball be considered scored per LRT9 or fall into the definition of "scored"?

Scored - A Ball status. A Ball is considered Scored in a Goal if it is not touching a Robot of the same color as the Ball and meets all of the following criteria. • The Ball is fully or partially within the outer edge of the Goal. • The Ball is fully below the upper edge of the Goal. • The Ball is not contacting the foam tiles outside of the Goal.

Prior Q&As:

Answered by Game Design Committee

In general, rules found in the "Live Remote Tournament" section of the Game Manual (with the prefix "LRT") only apply to Live Remote Tournaments. The rules governing Remote Skills events are found in the Robot Skills Challenge Appendix, with the prefix "RSE".

There is no equivalent to rule LRT9 in Appendix B, so it does not apply in Remote Skills Events.

With that being said, please note RSC2:

<RSC2> In Robot Skills Matches, Teams play as if they are on the red Alliance Scoring only red Balls and Owning only red Goals.

Therefore, contact with Balls in Robot Skills Challenge Matches (either Live or Remote) should be handled per the standard definition of Scored, as if playing for the red Alliance. Contact with a red Ball causes it to not be Scored, and contact with a blue Ball has no impact on its definition of Scored. We would recommend reviewing the "Robot Skills Challenge Scoring" section for further details.