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<RSE1c> Legality of Livestream Isolated from Meeting Environment

- - (Event Partner)
1 year ago
Rule <RSE1c>, from the Skills-Only Event: Remote, Live section of Appendix B, states the following:

The online meeting environment must not be accessed or viewed by the general online public while the event is live, e.g. the event must be password protected or invite-only.

  • i. Guests invited by the Event Partner can be able to view, but may not have use of their microphone or camera or display anything for teams to see or hear.
  • ii. One example that would satisfy this requirement would be to use an online video conferencing application that allows for a large number of people who must register to attend. The Event Partner would approve spectators who can view the matches, but would only give Teams the ability to share their screen, camera, or microphone.
  • iii. After the event is over, there are no such restrictions (i.e. the Event Partner may post a recording of the event if they wish).

Would it be a violation of this rule for the general public to be able to view matches while the event is live, without allowing access to view or participate in the meeting environment itself?

For instance, suppose the camera feed from the active team (exclusively the camera feed, with no elements of the meeting environment) is livestreamed to a platform such as Twitch or YouTube. No public visibility into the actual meeting environment is granted, and there would be no possible way for the general public to communicate visually or audibly within the meeting environment to teams participating in the event.

This configuration seems to be in line with the spirit and intent of <RSE1c>. Would it be considered legal to host a Remote, Live Skills-Only Event with this setup?

Answered by Game Design Committee

Yes, the configuration you have described would be permissible, at the Event Partner's discretion.

The primary intent of RSE1c is to keep any interactions within the "online meeting environment" solely between the Event Partner, Head Referee, Team, and any additional volunteers or spectators who have been explicitly invited by the Event Partner.

To use an in-person event analogy, the "online meeting environment" can be thought of as the "scoring table" area. General public and spectators are often welcome to view matches being played from a distance, but are typically not permitted to walk directly up to the field and interact with Head Referees, scorekeepers, Drive Team Members, etc.