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Robot Skills Scoring

1 month ago

It has been noticed by many teams in the Vex community that this year there is a good chance that a good about of teams will max out Driver Skills and some may also max out Programming skills. In fact this has already happened in Robot Skills by team 46535K on May 9th. The video can be found here.

To keep this from happening the has been a few idea that have floated around.

For VRC the ideas that have came up so far are as follows: adding pts for removing the blue balls, having the blue and red balls start on the field and both being scoring elements (potentially only one being used for ownership) this keeps the important aspect of coordinating colors and reducing the time for skills down to 45 or 30 sec (as in VexU Toss Up Skills).

Now for VexU and VAIC I would see it make sense that whatever changes are potentially made to VRC are made to both. However, I do not see this as enough and teams will still potentially have too easy of a time maxing out the score for Skills. The idea to keep this from happening is to have VexU and VAIC skills run on robot or if needed more specifically he 15" robot (as in VexU Turning Point).

I believe that these changes or others that the GDC imposes on Robot Skills will greatly improve the Skills challenges.

Thank you for your consideration.

Answered by Game Design Committee

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