Official Q&A: VRC 2020-2021: Change Up Usage Guidelines

"Locking" Balls in Corner Goals

1 month ago

As documented in this thread on the forum:

it is possible to "lock" balls in corner goals by shoving them into the tight space between the poles and the rings. Once "locked" balls are difficult to remove by hand and are extremely difficult for robots to remove. As Change Up is intended to be a back and forth game with copious amounts of descoring, it seems odd that this be possible. Did the GDC intend that this strategy be possible? If not, will the GDC consider making provisions to prevent balls from becoming "locked", such as by modifying the field specifications to include a stand off mounted to the bottom ring?

Here is a direct link to a picture:

Answered by Game Design Committee

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This question will be addressed in the May 25th Game Manual Update.