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Indirect Contact and the Goal Zone Barriers SG3-D

Ronald Lohse (Event Partner)
7 months ago

Is contacting a robot that is contacting a scoring zone/barrier an illegal action per SG3-D? SG3-D states that a robot must “Stay away from your opponent’s protected areas Robots may not intentionally or accidentally, directly or indirectly, perform the following actions: Contact either of the opposing Alliance’s Goal Zones or Barriers.”

The definition of indirect contact has been determined through multiple Q&A posts:

Would a blue robot pushing a red robot that is contacting a goal zone or barrier be an illegal action through indirect contact, and if not then why is pushing a robot into a stack considered indirect contact?

Answered by Game Design Committee

We believe that this question is answered by Q&A 432, as you linked. The meaning of "indirect contact" is not intended to change between the various sub-points of SG3.