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Official Q&A: VRC 2019-2020: Tower Takeover

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<SG4> introducing match loads with new all gray anti static tiles


Now with the releasing of the all gray anti static tiles, does that mean now we can introduce match loads on the previous colored tiles?

In this QA it was ruled that match loads cannot be introduced onto colored tiles.

<SG4> Match Load entry. Drive Team Members may introduce Match Loads during the Driver Controlled Period by placing them gently onto a gray foam field tile such that they satisfy the following conditions: a. Contacting the field perimeter wall on the side that coincides with their Alliance’s Goal Zones and Alliance Station.

b. Contacting the gray foam field tiles.

c. Not contacting a Tower.

d. Not contacting any Cubes besides another Match Load.

e. Not contacting a Goal Zone or a Barrier.

f. Not contacting a Robot.

Answered by Game Design Committee

SG4 should be ruled as applicable for the fields at any given event. If the event is using anti-static tiles (i.e. all gray), then the Match Loads may be placed on the tile that would have otherwise been red/blue (provided that all other conditions in SG4 are met). Teams should be cognizant of the possibility that an event may use either of the two possible sets of field tiles, and plan to accommodate accordingly.